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Description of Love Diary With Key

♣♣♣ Whenever you have a secret about your crush that you wish to confide, just use the pages of the latest ☀Love Diary With Key☀ and nobody will find out what is in your heart. Write entries about the person who makes your heart smile and lock them away with a password or a pattern. It is also great for recording all your daily events and writing about your deepest secrets. The top diary will become your trustworthy friend and everything that comes to your mind can be memorized in it. Talk about your love, about things that inspire you, how your day went and you will have each day of your life recorded in the calendar of the best diary. Start as soon as you download free of charge the coolest ☀Love Diary With Key☀ app and make new entries on the smartphone each day.

♣♣♣ Don't hesitate to reveal your deepest secrets into the popular ☀Love Diary With Key☀. Describe the moment when you saw your soulmate for the first time, memorize the events about your first date and you will never forget anything about the person who means the whole world to you. Making a diary entry is pretty simple. By clicking on the new page button you will open the place where your thoughts can be written. We have prepared so many options for personalizing your writing experience. Why not listening to music while making records about your day? The theme settings will let you pick an amorous background and decide on the color, type and size of the font. Pink or red hearts, or even shining stars, choose whatever you prefer, that all depends on you. Adorable emoticons in the shape of a heart can be a part of your writing. They will help you express your feelings in the right way. Pick a date for memorizing the new entry and you will be able to find it in the list of entries of the latest ☀Love Diary With Key☀. Add a photo on the page of your entry and it will be more personalized. This could be the image from your gallery, or the one you have taken right now.

How to use the Love Diary With Key app:
✗ Click on the new page and write your secrets and thoughts
✗ Personalize your diary entry by choosing a background, font and paper
✗ Add a picture and listen to your words read in any of five languages
✗ Enjoy the soothing music while making your entry
✗ Set a reminder and protect your diary with a lock

♣♣♣ All of you, boys, girls, teenagers and grown-ups who like keeping a diary and writing about your crush can do so now on your tablet by using the popular ☀Love Diary With Key☀. Your secrets will be protected with a lock and nobody will be able to access them. The person who tries to break that breach will be photographed and you will have herhis picture in the list of suspects. The text you have put into your diary can be read on any of the five world languages, and it will be a cool way to check out what you have memorized so far. If you are trying to keep your personal journal on a regular basis, then set the reminder and never miss a day for writing. Have all your thoughts and secrets recorded in one place on your phone or tablet and use the top ☀Love Diary With Key☀ for doing this. The best news of all is that you could get this adorable app completely free of charge!

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